Hardware Support



Even though our products are among the most reliable on the market, they possibly need to be repaired from time to time. In this case we ensure a quick, economic and reliable repair of the delivered hardware. Thereby service costs are fixed and known in advance. Overall repair times are also considerably reduced by avoiding an offer and approval process.

On-Call Support

Highly experienced technical staff, which understand your unique system environment, are just a call away. On-call support offers a cost-effective and quick way to get expert assistance should you encounter trouble with your system. The response time and quantity of on-call supports differ, depending on the service level agreement.


Supply of spare parts within short time is necessary in order to minimise the system downtime. With this service you get access to our own spare part pool, providing you with a spare part immediately after receipt of the ticket.

Wear and Tear

As PLATH customer you can rely on receiving new wear and tear parts for your system on a regular basis. Our carefully planned inventory concept provides the fastest availability and delivery of the right parts needed. This helps to ensure that your system always works with optimum functionality and efficiency.

1 Stern
3 Sterne

Repair and spares

Repair and return shipment (Line Replacement Unit (LRU) removal/installation by customer)
Immediate supply of spares (LRU removal/installation by customer)

Device replacement

Replacement of non-repairable PLATH device (LRU removal/installation by customer; return shipment by PLATH)

Wear and tear

Annual preventive services of wear and tear parts during maintenance visit

Spares services

Annual preventive services for stored spares during maintenance visit
Exclusive premium option: On-site spares stock by instalment purchase over contract period Option

Configuration management

Customer hardware configuration via CMDB

Obsolescence management

Managing obsolescence on customers system, reporting EOL and EOS and proposing a substitution

Hotline support

Via telephone or e-mail for implementation and administration of hardware

On-call support

Max. 3 days per year/system with high priority, applicable to other serviced systems;
15 % discount for added days
Max. 5 days per year/system with immediate response, applicable to other serviced systems;
30 % discount for added days

Embedded software

Annual preventive test and (if applicable) installation of updates compatible with PLATH system during maintenance visit


Annual 4h training for 5 people in case of new hardware functionality

Ticket system

Response within 16 business hours; tracking of solving customer issues
Immediate response; tracking of solving customer issues


Annual revision of hardware documentation